Sommerbergtunnel (DE)

The 1,095-metre-long Sommerberg tunnel is part of the Hausach bypass and runs from west to east on the B 33 between Haslach and Gutach in the Kinzigtal valley. The tunnel was opened in 1995 as a two-lane tunnel. The tunnel is operated from the central western control centre at the west portal and the subordinate control centre at the east portal.

In the centre of the tunnel is the central power/ventilation room with the electrical room required for the installation of the power and control centre technology and the central exhaust system with the chimney for the exhaust air required for the central exhaust system. These are only accessible from the tunnel through the emergency exits, which are also located in this area and are designed as turning facilities.

The existing safety and operational equipment of the Sommerberg Tunnel does not meet the latest technical standards and the purchase of spare parts for the existing equipment is largely impossible due to its age.

The existing safety and operational equipment will therefore be completely dismantled and replaced in accordance with RABT 2006 and EABT-80/100 (2019 edition).

It is planned to carry out the renovation work while the Sommerberg tunnel is completely closed. An escape tunnel with three emergency exits from the tunnel and an additional exit to the outside will be adapted. The new escape tunnel will be connected to the central electrical/ventilation room by a connecting tunnel. This connecting tunnel will not only provide access for operating and maintenance personnel, but will also serve as an escape route for accident victims and will be one of the three emergency exits mentioned above. The other two emergency exits will be connected to the new escape tunnel by airlocks. As part of the safety and operational refurbishment, all of the above areas will also be equipped with new installation technology. The control centre at the east portal will be completely dismantled at the end of the renovation, as the necessary control centre technology is located in the area of the east exit of the escape tunnel.

Scope of supply

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