A24-Blankenburg (NL)

The A24 Blankenburg Link is a planned motorway link in the Netherlands, located in the province of South Holland.

The project aims to connect the existing A20 and A15 motorways with a new motorway to improve traffic flow and accessibility in the Rotterdam region.

The Blankenburg link involves the construction of two new tunnels along and under the Nieuwe Waterweg, a major shipping route near Rotterdam. The tunnels will consist of two separate tubes, each with two lanes, and will serve as a passage for road traffic. In addition to the tunnels, new junctions and viaducts will be built to provide access.

Scope of supply

For these two tunnels, the Maas Delta Tunnel and the Holland Tunnel, we will design, supply, install, commission and test 27 unidirectional jet fans, 8 reversible jet fans and 4 overpressure fans.

Zitron Nederland B.V. is a company that occupies a leading position in the European market as a manufacturer of ventilation systems for railway and road tunnels. Zitron Nederland B.V. can justifiably call itself “Specialists in tunnel ventilation“.