Einhausung Schwamendingen (CH)

One of the busiest roads in Switzerland runs through the centre of Schwamendingen near Zürich.

Every day, more than 120,000 vehicles use the motorway in the residential area. The Schwamendingen enclosure minimises the nuisance caused by the motorway, in particular noise and exhaust fumes.

The noise from the motorway exceeds the limits day and night. Exhaust fumes from vehicles pollute the air. The quality of life along the stretch between the Aubrugg junction and the Schöneichtunnel is severely impaired. The Schwamendingen enclosure, built by the Federal Roads Office in collaboration with the canton and city of Zurich, will improve the current situation in the long term and help Schwamendingen to enjoy a new quality of life.

The enclosure is first and foremost an environmentally effective project. It minimises the adverse effects of the motorway, particularly noise and exhaust fumes. With the exception of the closure of the Aubrugg entrance, there will be no change to the traffic regime on the motorway or in the surrounding area.

Scope of supply

2 hydraulically adjustable variable pitch extraction fans

22+2 smoke extraction fans with fixed blades

32 jet fans diameter 630 mm

14 jet fans diameter 1000 mm

Zitron Nederland B.V. is a company that occupies a leading position in the European market as a manufacturer of ventilation systems for railway and road tunnels. Zitron Nederland B.V. can justifiably call itself “Specialists in tunnel ventilation“.